Most people would probably say they could use more storage in the kitchen. In many cases, what is actually needed is not necessarily more storage, but better use of the area available for storage. Since many homes are built with the bare bones basic cabinetry, the storage can be improved by quite a bit.

One of the first things that annoy homeowners are corner cabinets; they are there, but what can you do with them? They need careful treatment with user-friendly pull-outs to be of any actual storage use. ┬áThankfully, solutions exist beyond the old lazy-susan style corner shelving. These worked, but there are better ways to use this troublesome space. In fact, if you type in “kitchen corner cabinet solutions”, you get a great array of kitchen corner cabinet solutions.

Kitchen corner cabinet pull outs


While cabinet shelves are fine, cabinets with pull-outs are better! Contents are easier to access and you don’t have to pull out everything to get to the one item you want.

Full height, cabinets with pull out shelves

To create additional storage within the same footprint, soffits can be eliminated, allowing you to run the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. If space allows, a full-height cabinet such as the one shown above put more storage in the kitchen and allow more of the items to be at an easily reachable height, since there is no countertop gap between upper and lower cabinets.