The transition from fixed to adjustable, and then to roll-out cabinet shelves has forever changed the way homeowners view storage in their kitchens. Whether you utilize roll-outs, pull-outs, or blind corner storage solutions, the list of options that can enhance storage is virtually endless. Appliance storage

Today’s homeowners are looking for more exposed storage, such as open shelves, and glass-fronted upper cabinets.

The many small appliances that cooks use today have created a need for more easily accessible storage. They cannot all sit on the countertop! Appliance garages, and the previously mentioned roll-out drawers for lower cabinets are a great solution.

Pantries are another solution to storage, and they do not need to have their own room – even a small pantry greatly improves efficiency and storage capacity of a kitchen.

Efficient, small spice rack for small kitchenStorage, either a lack of enough, or poorly designed, is often the reason people look to renovate their kitchens.