Bellingham kitchen remodel, custom kitchen storage

Pull-out pantries provide a great solution to storage in a small kitchen . . . and they are a wonderful solution in a larger kitchen as well. But hey, large kitchens have many options for places to put things, but small kitchens must make use of every square inch.

Remember your grandmothers’ silverware cases with slots for each piece and felt covering everything? How about a built in silverware drawer with slots for each spoon, fork, knife? Grandma had to find a place to put the box, anyway. This way, you forgo the box, just place the silverware (or stainless) in their assigned slots in the drawer.

Spices – they make our food taste great, but to put your hand on the one you want, quickly? Spice racks, built-in spice drawers; what would work best for you in your kitchen?

Cookbooks have a hard time finding a place to reside in the modern kitchen. Have a special spot built just for them. If you only need a couple, or if you have a large collection, it can be made to fit your needs.

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