First off, use the space you have; just because the standard cabinets from the store stop 6 inches below the ceiling, doesn’t mean that has to be lost space. How about having custom cabinets built that go all the way to the ceiling? Bellingham kitchen remodel

Another idea is having a shelf or cabinets built above the window. Most kitchens have a window over the sink; there is always unused space above the window, why not use it?

Something brought forward from the 60’s, is hanging mugs from hooks, instead of using valuable shelf space for them. The hooks can be installed below the cabinets, and you can show off your very cool mugs.

Pull out pantries are a nice way to store lots of small items. The jars and storage boxes can be stacked on the shelves, and since the cabinet can be pulled out, they are easy to locate when needed.bellingham kitchen island - ready for lunch, dinner, or a crafts project

Have a drawers built with pegs to contain your bowls and dinner plates. They’ll be kept neatly stacked, no matter that you have a teenager who yanks the drawers open and slams them shut. It’s all good, with these storage drawers. And the pegs are movable, so if you decide to get a new set of dishes, they will always fit.

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