Single compartment solgranite kitchen sink

You might think this is a simple selection; one basin or two? But oh, no, this is a far more complex decision than that! Issues involve:

  • Material selection
  • Drop-in or undermount
  • Farmhouse style or apron front sinks
  • Number of basins
  • Number of holes
  • Dimensions


Enameled cast iron or steel sinks come in a wide variety of colors, so you are not stuck with some version of white. Enamel on steel is a lighter weight option. Classic stainless steel always looks great and is long-lasting; be aware that it comes in a range of thicknesses; the thicker the material, the quieter it will be. Solid surface sinks can be paired with countertops made of the same material for a seamless look. Lots of color options for this material, as well.

Drop-in, undermount or farmhouse/apron front styles:

Undermount sinks are popular both for style and for ease of cleaning. No edge to get things stuck in, cooking debris all can be easily brushed into the sink. Drop-in sinks are still considered “standard” and are quicker and thus less labor intensive to install.

Farmhouse or apron front style: Clean lines and iconic forms, these sinks work well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. They come in many styles, all with the front showing.

Number of basins:

This one is totally up to what works for you. Kitchen sinks come in one, two or even three basins. Not to mention, not all basins have to be the same depth or length and width.

Number of faucet holes:

This has to coordinate with the faucet selected, and if you have a soap dispenser or sprayer that need holes. With so many pull out kitchen faucets, there are fewer needing a hole for the sprayer these days. Faucets can even be installed on the wall, removing the need for any holes in the sink.


Determine these based on the size of your countertop and the depth you want. A typical depth is 8 – 10 inches. Be sure you have at least 12″ on each side of the sink. Normally, you will have much more space, but this is a minimum.

There are many internet sources for recommendation and ideas; it really comes down to your budget, matching to the type of faucet you select, and personal choice.

Stainless steel 2 compartment kitchen sink