Kitchens are a hard-working space in the home! The countertops take a beating from spills, dropped pans, and the occasional nick of a misplaced knife. Not to mention water and grease – not that anyone reading this article ever spills water or grease out of a cooking pot! But someone else in the family might . . .

So, new countertops are a marvelous idea, and Caesarstone is one of our Bellingham clients favorites. Include a tallish backsplash; it looks great and is easier to clean than a painted wall.

While having the countertop replaced, it’s a good idea to update the sink and faucet as well. Lots of moving parts inside that faucet, and the washers wear out eventually – might as well upgrade to a modern style to go with a new countertop.

New hardware for the cabinets will expand the impression of the faucet – selecting a similar style will pull the look together.

Here are a few photos of a Bellingham clients kitchen remodel, using Caesarstone countertop, a Kohler single lever kitchen faucet in stainless finish.

stainless steel appliances