Laminate countertopThe kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. Sooner or later, depending on usage, your kitchen will need a refresh or remodel for repairs and to keep it up to date. Even in if you are more the practical type and less concerned about esthetics, there are many parts of the kitchen that really should be updated, to keep the space functional.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Are the major appliances of the right size and type for your family? Are you a family of 1, or perhaps a couple with several children? Do you do gourmet style cooking or just the basics? It may be time to replace appliances with ones that fit your current life style.
  2. Countertops take a lot of wear, and should be replaced when observation indicates they have passed their prime.
  3. Cabinets should suit your family and cooking style as well. Most people need a lot of storage in their kitchen. Cabinets that are built to full wall height (to the ceiling!) are an excellent use of space. If you love your current cabinets and the storage capacity works for you, perhaps it is time to have them refinished. You can change the color scheme and replace cabinet hardware as well.
  4. Flooring is another part of the kitchen that gets plenty of wear over time. Choose something that will last and a color/pattern that won’t get old after looking at it for a couple of years!
  5. Lighting is another component of the kitchen that should be carefully considered. Task lighting makes working with your back to the ambient ceiling lights both safer and more pleasant. Good pendant lights over a kitchen island or peninsula will add a focal point to the overall layout.

Call when you are ready for that update!