Have engineered quartz installed on your cabinets instead of granite or marble. It is a popular kitchen countertop material; it’s man-made, durable, low-maintenance with the look and feel of natural stone and can be found in a multitude of colors and patterns. It is an excellent choice for those who seek a kid-proof, budget friendly countertop!

White or off-white painted cabinets are popular, as are natural woods. The key is to “keep it light”. Simple, shaker style cabinet doors with classic, easy to use pulls are favored selections as well.

Include things like shallow spice rack drawers, countertop trash chutes and hidden garbage/ recycle bins in your custom cabinetry.

Be sure to review your lighting options; good lighting will brighten up the kitchen, and natural lighting is best, the experts say. Windows, skylights, and sun tunnels are all excellent options for daylight hours; task lighting, as in under cabinet strip lighting, pendant lights over islands, and select a good, overall lighting style for when you want the kitchen to be it’s brightest.

Open floor plans seem to be on everyone’s list, so if a wall can be removed or a pass-through built into that existing wall, go for it; you’ll love it.

Your licensed general contractor can do all of these things for you; your job is to research just what you really want, check your budget, do your due diligence in selecting a contractor you will be happy with. You can then relax, knowing the kitchen of your dreams is just around the corner!

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