Uh-oh, Thanksgiving is not far away, and right on it’s heels is Christmas! If you’ve been putting off the kitchen remodel you need, and now it’s too late for the full-meal deal. But what can you do? A lot, as it turns out.

A new refrigerator can do wonders for food prep; getting all the features you want, and the color and finishes on the outside that add to the look of the kitchen will go a long way towards changing the appearance of the kitchen.

A stylish sink and faucet are so important as well. Have the hardware on the cupboards and drawers replaced with a design that matches the faucet, and with a finish to blend with the new refrigerator!

Another big impact for a relatively low cost is having the cabinets professionally refinished.

New light fixtures will spruce up the space as well. We can get used to seeing the same old fixtures for years; stylish new ones can make a big impact. Have dimmer switches installed, so you can always have just the right amount of light.

stainless steel kitchen sink, single lever faucet