Custom kitchen cabinets, range hoodPractical elements of kitchens can be easy to overlook; something you need, but not exactly exciting. How many cfm, where to exhaust it to . . . ho, hum, are you getting sleepy?

Turn that boring, practical part of your kitchen into something exciting! These handy pieces of ventilation equipment pull the unpleasant, moisture-laden odors out of the house and deposit them outside, above your roof.

Of course, your cooking does not produce unpleasant odors, but what about all that moisture that comes off a busily boiling stew? Or what about the time your teenager burned a batch of cookies? You will love that kitchen exhaust fan!Kitchen wall tile, range hood

Ahem, so there are so many ways to hide a ventilation hood and it’s duct, or you can select a gleaming, stainless steel hood that will be the focal point of your new kitchen!