Bellingham kitchen pantry, built-in

Meals get made much faster when you can quickly find the ingredients you need. A well designed pantry storage puts all your kitchen supplies in instant view. It is much easier to have almost all your food options in one place instead of going through lots of cabinets to see if you have this or that item for a recipe. Helps speed up writing that grocery list.

Kitchen built-in pantry

There are two basic kinds of pantries; walk-in or cabinet type. It is dependent on how much space you have, as well as your preferences. An advantage of a relatively shallow built-in is it makes it easy to see what is there, and easy to reach each item. The advantage of a walk-in is more storage space, so if you like to either buy in quantity at your local Costco, or you just like to have plenty of supplies on hand, you have room for it all.

Built-in kitchen pantry

Kitchen pantry