Do you have enough space in your kitchen to store food items and small appliances? Of course you don’t! If you are ready to have that pantry built for your storage needs, here are some ideas:

  1. A small addition to expand the kitchen out, and use some of the space for a pantry, works the best and guarantees you can get all the room you need.
  2. Small pantries can be built into closets; many older kitchens have small closets that were used for storing a broom and a few other small items. Such a closet will need built in shelves to make them useful.Tall, narrow kitchen pantry behind folding doors
  3. Take some square footage from a room that is behind one of the kitchen’s walls.
  4. Have a cabinet built right on one wall of the kitchen. Typical countertops and upper cabinets don’t have enough room for your food items and those small appliances. A well-designed wall system will work for the way you use your kitchen.

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