So many homes come with inadequate storage in the kitchen. Which is odd, considering our penchant for shopping at Costco, and we are all advised to keep supplies on hand for who-knows-what emergency!

But no matter; when preparing a meal, nothing beats having all the ingredients near at hand; and when the meal is over and it’s clean up time, having a convenient out of sight storage space is a life saver for busy families!

Thinking about what is behind a wall may allow your contractor to move a wall and build a pantry there, bumping it out into the room on the other side. Or an existing closet next to the kitchen can be taken over and repurposed – perhaps changing the access to it from a hall door to the kitchen side.

Plenty of shelves and cabinets in the pantry will be the perfect finishing touch, making organization easy. We can help you with deciding what will work for you, and fits in your budget.