Here is something to get you excited! Kitchen lighting is not the old-fashioned-straight forward method of installing a couple of florescent tube lights in the ceiling. That is so 70’s!

To do it right, and with style, takes way more than that. In fact, ditch the old tube lights. Here is what looks great, provides light where you want it, and at the right brightness:

  1. You know about these, but have put off having them installed, because you didn’t realize how much you would love them – undercabinet lights. These can function as both lighting up dark corners, and low-level light for the evenings.
  2. Ceiling mounted lights for everyday, general light.
  3. Stylish, pendant lights over kitchen islands; these can be selected to provide that spot of color you want in a basically neutral tone kitchen, or as a focal point statement for the kitchen, drawing the eye.

Remember how early it gets dark in the winter here in Bellingham? You know it would be a great idea to update the lighting system in your kitchen. We are here for you when you are ready!