There’s no doubt that kitchen islands add more storage and counterspace to your kitchen. They also provide a congenial seating/ eating area where family can talk while preparing meals, doing homework, and just getting caught up on the day.

Ideally, a kitchen island should have 42 inches of walking and working space on each side, and if seating is to be part of the layout, that side should have more room, due to the chairs or stools.Bellingham kitchen cabinets, glass fronts

So, it really comes down to how much available space the kitchen has. We have had clients request that a kitchen wall be removed, and that opens up the room to the rest of the house, usually the dining area or the living room. When that is the case, there is usually plenty of room for an island.

What works for each family and their home depends on how they use the kitchen and how much time they will spend in the kitchen area. We love to help with decisions, providing our experience and knowledge about what can be done and how it affects the clients budget.