Kitchen islands are popular, and for good reasons! Here are some of the advantages of a kitchen island:

  1. More counter space for food prep
  2. All that wonderful storage under the countertop.
  3. Additional seating options with bar stools or dining chairs along one or more sides.
  4. Becomes the heart of the kitchen and where everyone spends their time.

Less desirable kitchen island problems:

  1. May disrupt the flow of movement from stove, sink and refrigerator. Depends on kitchen layout.
  2. Limited appliance placement; the island will need it’s own electrical outlets and plumbing piping if a sink is installed.
  3. Can be costly (see item 2!) If no wiring or plumbing is involved, costs less.
  4. The kitchen must be spacious enough for an island. You don’t want to narrow the walking space too much.

If you see a kitchen island in your future, check with your contractor to be sure there is enough “walking around” space, so that the island will be a blessing and not a problem! Here are a few we have built for Whatcom county clients:

Custom cabinets, kitchen island Bellingham