If your kitchen is getting you down but you don’t know what it needs, other than gutting it and tossing the whole thing in the recycle bins, then you could use some help from an experienced kitchen contractor.

Every kitchen is different, so an analysis needs to be done. What can be saved? What really needs to go? What is the potential that when the flooring or the cabinets are taken out that previous water damage and rot might be found? Is the electrical wiring adequate and up to current codes?

Just a start with the questions your contractor will ask you and evaluate. Some kitchens only need a fresh coat of paint; wouldn’t that be great? If you need more . . . here is a list things to consider.

  • Relatively inexpensive improvements such as paint: Even your cabinets, if they are of good quality can be refinished instead of replacing them. Wall areas can be freshly painted; how about changing the color, to create a more cheerful space?
  • Even if you keep your cabinets, the backslash may need updating. This can make a dramatic difference to the kitchen’s appearance.
  • Lighting; are the fixtures old and outdated? New fixtures are a great game-changer for improving the kitchen style. Under cabinet lights can be added to provide ambient light in one area without the necessity to light up the whole kitchen. Task lighting for specific work stations increases safety as well as brightening up the kitchen. A few well located pendant lights can add style and a dramatic flair.
  • Of course, a new sink and faucet will improve cleanliness and can be selected with an eye to style.
  • How about those countertops? Granite, quartz, and manufactured stone are very popular now and there are colors and patterns to match any decor. Even Formica is being made to imitate pricier materials and if you plan on a more comprehensive remodel down the road, going with less expensive materials now will allow you to save up for the higher-end upgrade when you are ready.
  • New flooring will have a huge impact on the appearance of your kitchen. hardwood flooring will look great virtually forever, is durable and has a warm appearance. Engineered wood has the same benfits but is less expensive; it is a wood veneer over plywood. Other popular flooring materials are vinyl, ceramic tile, natural stone, cork, concrete, bamboo.

So, that’s enough to get you started! Research is an important first step for the homeowner, but when your brain get’s full, then it’s time to call in an expert and discuss your options with them. We can help you with decision-making, creating a kitchen you will love for years to come, and that fits in your budget.

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