You walk on them; the kids spill things on them; the dog – well, enough said.

So it may well be time for that new flooring you’ve been thinking about. Here are a few ideas to help in deciding what type of flooring is best for your kitchen.

Kitchen floor tile in Belllingham remodel1. Durability. Porcelain flooring tile is the most durable. It is fired at high temperatures that produce an extremely hard, durable, stain-resistant tile impervious to moisture. Unglazed porcelain takes on the color of their clay mixture, giving naturally earthy tones. Select slip-resistant tiles, you’ll be glad you did when the cat knocks over the water dish.


2. Hardwood flooring will look great virtually forever; it never goes out of style. An open floor plan shows off the textures and natural variability in the wood grain. It is durable and low maintenance. Engineered wood is a good choice for kitchen applications; it has a veneer of real wood backed by layers of less expensive plywood and has good dimensional stability that does not move due to changes in humidity and temperature. Beautiful Bellingham kitchen remodel by Rose Construction

Vinyl flooring3. Vinyl flooring is a good selection for tight budgets, and is easy to clean. There is an endless variety of colors and patterns to match any style. It is completely waterproof and has a little “give” that will reduce breakage when things are dropped.