Faucets and sinks! What are the most used item(s) in the kitchen? What wears out the fastest? kitchen sink

It’s a good investment to have a high quality faucet installed – the washers will last longer, and you will get more enjoyment out of a smooth operating faucet with very little maintenance.

The finishes will keep their shine as well, and operation will be worry free. The faucet is a small element in the kitchen, but it’s size belies it’s importance. Many of the more well designed faucets have the sculpture style of a piece of artwork, and become a focal point in the kitchen.

kitchen countertopThe sink, while a very utilitarian item, can be made from sturdy, heavy-duty stainless steel, providing a quieter surface. Sinks can be undermount or top mount, stainless steel, cast iron with enamel finish, composite and fireclay. Single bowl and double bowl provide more options for you to choose from!

There are sinks made from more exotic materials, but research, budget and personal preference will determine your sink selection.