Bellingham kitchen remodelIf your kitchen is just “OK”, but not what you really would like, perhaps what it really needs is a surface upgrade. That would mean you could keep the cabinets, flooring, and appliances, but upgrade the elements that are too dated or worn looking. Kitchen sink, single hangle faucet, undermount sink

While kitchens tend to not have large wall surfaces, nevertheless, there is some, and they could use a new paint job from time to time, incorporating a new color scheme. Cabinets can be sanded and refinished, with a new color scheme as well. You can even replace some of the doors (or all of them) with a new door style.

A new sink and faucet will do wonders for the kitchen’s appearance, and raise up the style a notch or two.

New lightCompact bellingham kitchen remodeling fixtures can change the personality of a kitchen as well. Have some undercounter lighting added while the upgrade is being done, you’ll be glad you did!