I just read an article about the number of us “baby boomers” that are entering retirement age now and for the near future.  For the most part we are called an “active generation”.  Meaning we are staying in our homes and are more involved in the community. 

So what we need are well laid out kitchens, but since the kids are grown and out on their own we are looking for smaller, efficient kitchens.  There is a nice, brief article titled “Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Maximize Your Space”. 

It discusses the typical kitchen layout of either a U-shape or an L-shape for countertops, cabinets and fixtures.  If you are remodeling your kitchen to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as more efficient, you may be restricted by the existing structure.  However, there is a lot that you can do.

Everything from the color scheme you select to the countertop material, the sink and faucet as well as the applicances will have a profound effect on the final appearance and “feel” of your remodeled kitchen.  Since most of us end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen, whether we are gourmet cooks or not, the way we feel when in the kitchen matters a great dea. 

No need to add stress these days!  Soothing colors are said to be some shades of blue and greens.  Pale pastels and warm grays give a feeling of slowing down.  Clean, simple lines without too much “busyness” have a calming effect as well.  The following link is to a very nice kitchen designed by Kelly Moseley in Austin.  Before and after: Kelly Moseleys Calming Austin Kitchen.

Laid back kitchen, done in pale grey/ taupe colors.

Laid back kitchen, done in pale grey/ taupe colors.