Details make the kitchen; lights, faucets and sinks do not cover as much square footage as the countertop, the floor or the cabinets, but they are extremely important, both for convenience of use and appearance.

There are an endless variety of lighting fixtures that can provide warmth and ambiance to your kitchen. Proper lighting is essential, especially in a kitchen, and can be achieved by combining a variety of fixtures. Locating light fixtures right where the work zones are can ensure well-lit spaces, reduce electricity costs and create a combined effect of glowing rather than harsh and glaring light.


Kitchen light fixture designed to light work zones with an artistic flair.

One can even have puck or LED lights installed in a deep cabinet, with a micro switch or motion sensor to activate the light when the door is opened; like you refrigerator! Very nice, and inexpensive, running about $20-25 per switch, making it so easy to see what is in the cabinet.

Pull out faucets have become very popular; these combine the convenience of a sprayer without a second hole in the countertop or sink. They come in all styles, from very sleek, modern, to country. They also work well for filling large pots that may not fit under the faucet. Options include variable water pressure and several spray types, such as stream or spray that are handy for cleaning pots and pans, as well as rinsing vegetables.


pull out kitchen faucet

Depending on how you use your sink and the kind of cooking you do, you may prefer a large, single compartment sink or a divided sink. Undercounter mounting and surface mount are a matter of personal choice as well. Stainless steel (SS) sinks are very popular and fit in with nearly all styles of kitchens, while the ubiquitous, in the past, ceramic sinks on iron, are not as common as they once were. Today sinks come copper, SS, ceramic and granite, among others.

What are your favorite details for your dream kitchen?