Moving a doorway or removing a wall to improve layout is always a better investment than splurging on high end appliances or even custom cabinets. While your kitchen serves various purposes, it’s important to design appropriately for the way you use your kitchen.

You’ve no doubt heard of the “work triangle”; it’s the concept that the person cooking and preparing meals has three major locations she/he needs unimpeded access to – the refrigerator, sink and stove.

Keep the path clear and free of clutter between these elements and consider adding a kitchen island to help create the triangle, if needed.

Good lighting is important both for safety and for an efficient work area. This means bright lights over the countertops, stove and any other locations where food will be prepared.  Undercabinet lighting provides light where the ceiling lights are blocked by a person working or any other obstruction.

Storage needs to be appropriate for the family that will be using the kitchen. Not everyone uses the same cooking pans, utensils and small appliances. The ability to store things off the counter is a great plus!