New kitchen countertop, sink, faucet

Many types of countertops are available. For the budget conscious, laminate is an excellent option. They come with a gel coating and high-quality printed patterns that mimic almost any natural material you can imagine. Acrylic and Corian solid surface countertops and quartz and granite are options as well.

Quartz is 93% natural and 7% acrylic, while granite is 80% quartz. Quartz is stronger than granite and non-porous. Granite is more easily stained or broken and must be sealed from time to time.

Other options for countertop materials are concrete, wood and metal. What you choose depends on your tastes, budget and how your family uses the countertops. Children can be hard on counters, chipping and staining are high potential problems with children in the house, so you might consider more durable materials.

Eventually, you will no doubt sell your home. What will potential buyers find desirable in kitchen counters? Realtors say that the most popular countertops have earthy tones and patterns; the natural look. Considering the future buyers will make it easier to sell when that time comes.

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