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Kitchen and Bath Design News, in their “For Residential Pros” section answers this question.

“As homeowners begin to consider updating their kitchens, they are clearly leaning toward transitional designs, painted finishes and well-organized configurations that meet their specific needs. However, in addition, they are looking for the best deal for a quality product, and are arriving at showrooms already having done their homework.”

“Clean and Simple Dictate Style: During the last few years, manufacturers have pointed to the increased demand for transitional style throughout the kitchen. Clean, simple designs have been rewarded with a growing customer base. The combination of traditional and contemporary styles with a minimalist approach has caught the attention of designers and their clients. The result is timeless and classic.”

The author goes on to state that “door styles trend toward flat panels or clean, simple raised panels without heavy details or ornate moldings.” Shaker cabinet styles and variations on Shaker are the most popular cabinet doors.

The article goes on to say that colors are trending toward lots of white, off-white, bieges and grays.

There is a greater demand for wider, deeper drawers for storage and locating “gadgets” off the countertops. Clients want efficient, streamlined and beautiful kitchens.

“Aging in place” is a factor for many. Kitchens must be accessible for all members of the multi-generational household.

 “People buying kitchens today have the money, or ready access to financing at low rates, and they want what they want. Many are scaling back the overall size of their intended budget, but they want high-end features and personalized service packed into that smaller budget.”

So that summarizes what others are looking for in kitchen cabinets and design. What about you? What do you look for in the ideal kitchen?

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