That’s why you will probably have your kitchen cabinets replaced at some point in time, especially if you bought an already existing home. Each person has their own cooking style, and that requires the right cabinets to store your supplies and Compact bellingham kitchen remodelcooking utensils.

First off, every kitchen has awkward spots and corners that are difficult to access. Designers have come up with some great ideas to make those space available for storage. The most annoying is the corner where your counters do a right turn. So much space is often lost in that 22″ by 22″ corner! There are swing out shelves called lazy susans that can be built into that corner.

Another fairly new concept is replace some upper cabinets with shelves. This can open up a kitchen, making it feel airier and larger.

Bellingham kitchen cabinets, glass frontsSomething similar can be done with glass-fronted upper cabinets. Show off your china!

Custom built cabinets will be built to use up every inch of space, whereas stock cabinets may leave gaps where potential storage is lost, because you may not be able to find cabinets of just the right width.

Check out our photos of Bellingham and Whatcom county kitchen remodels we have done over the last 30 years; do some research on what exactly you would like and then give us a call. We would love to turn your “ho-hum” kitchen into your dream kitchen!