You might think that kitchen cabinets are a relatively simple choice; pick a color or natural wood, door style and a few extras like corner cabinet solutions. But like many things, when you get down to the final decision, there are a lot of details hidden in this segment of kitchen design.

First, what kind of wood? Lets see, there is oak, maple, cherry, alder, pine, birch, mahogany, walnut and hickory. Plus a few more material selections. We find cherry is very popular, with birch a close second.

Next, door style; some basic styles are: arched, beadboard, flat panel, raised, recessed and shaker. Here in Bellingham, we have a lot of requests for shaker style.

Will you have the cabinets painted or stained to let the natural wood grain show?

Some will choose to go with stock cabinets, but these are limited in style choices and fitting them into your kitchen layout may leave small gaps, but this can be done successfully, especially with skilled carpenters creating unique ways to either cover up a tiny gap or build a narrow slot for flat cookie tins.

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