Why? You might well ask. Both rooms are high-usage, and both have to deal with water. The kitchen also receives wear from food spills, the occasional accidental knife cut to the countertop and dropped items, some of them capable of chipping and cracking floors and countertops.

So, bathrooms. ┬áThis room is notorious for falling prey to mold and mildew, esbath remodel, shower slider grab barpecially if the exhaust fan is inadequate due to wearing out, or perhaps the kids don’t bother turning it on. Eventually, it is just time to tear it all out and start over. Upgrading the bathroom will increase the value of your home.

Too many plumbing problems will definitely encourage you to have the bathroom redone. Repeatedly replacing the toilets functioning parts and having to call the plumber due to leaks or faucet malfunctions gets old really fast.

Sometimes the bathroom bits and pieces may function OK, but you just can’t stand the outdated tile and fixtures. You deserve better, have it redone!

bellingham kitchen remodelNow, for the kitchen. According to realtors, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house to potential buyers. (Can you guess the other one?) A beautiful kitchen can often mean a quick sale. A kitchen remodel can return 86% of its cost on resale.

It may just be that time for the kitchen, if it has been many years since it was installed. A new kitchen will be beautiful, fit your style, and work for you.

A well designed kitchen can greatly increase your storage space and ability to stay organized. Specialty drawers, built to hold your kitchenware will provide an easily accessible space for each item.

There is nothing like walking into a brand-new kitchen; new flooring, custom cabinets and new countertop will make preparing meals enjoyable again, and make you proud when company comes for dinner. Let your kitchen be a reflection of you!