Kitchen storage pull outsKitchen cabinets can be built with pull-out shelves, making it easier to access whatever is stored. Narrow, linear pull-out shelves can fill the gap between a cabinet and an appliance. Walk-in pantries are more appreciated than a walk-in closet (OK, this depends on your tastes, but where do shoppers put all those supplies they get from Costco?). Admit it, a walk in pantry would be so great!

Bathrooms can hold way more supplies than the standard bathroom alloBuilt in wall storage and new flooringws. How? By having shallow storage cabinets built into the walls. Yes, that’s right; just like some medicine cabinets are installed between the wall joists, storage cabinets can┬ábe too. Narrow cabinets below the bath sink can hold way more than you might think as well.

Here are a few samples of kitchen and bath storage we have built for our Bellingham and Whatcom county clients.