This is a small part of your kitchen, yet it has a big impact. It’s location guarantees that as soon as you walk into the kitchen your eye will see it first.

The splashback is the most fun design decision during a kitchen remodel. Stone and tile are the most popular backsplash tiles, but there are many others, equally striking, and unique!

1. Tin ceiling tile, in 6″ squares make an unusual focal point for your kitchen. American Ceiling tiles makes them specifically for kitchen backsplashes, and they can be ordered in finishes of copper, gold, silver, black, and more.

2. Glass tiles come in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. They are often used as a narrow trim strip with stone tiles. The photo shows one of our Bellingham clients creative use of vertical glass tile strips breaking up the wall panels.

Kitchen remodel with lots of counter space

3. How about combining ceramic and glass tile? Or stone and glass?

Tile backsplash is tumbled slate 4x4 tiles oyster color and sunset mosaic strip.


4. Then there are the purists: The all stone tile backsplash.

Stainless steel 2 compartment kitchen sink


What is will your dream kitchen’s backsplash be like? You can check out our website kitchen gallery for some ideas to get you started.