Bellingham kitchen remodel, granite countertop, tile backsplash, undermount sinkHave you sometimes felt that kitchens are almost as wet as bathrooms? Maybe, if you require the kids to take turns washing the dishes, and just maybe they’d rather not. The area around the sink certainly can get wet! That is why backsplash installation and the materials chosen are so important.

It’s not just a pretty focal point for your kitchen, although it can be! For the person who has to clean the kitchen, having an easily cared for backsplash is as important as having a great looking backsplash.

Most of the requests we get are for tile, and the selection narrows down from there on color, pattern, texture and how far up the wall to go.

When making a selection, think about how you use your kitchen. White tiles with white grout may look great in a modern, low-use kitchen, but they are probably not the best selection for a busy family. You may end up spending more time cleaning than you want. Darker colors for grout are worth considering.

Engineered stone, also called quartz, makes a great backsplash, and you can match it with your countertop

There are more expensive materials, such as granite, and the less pricey laminates. Whatever your choice, think about how you use your kitchen, and how much maintenance will be involved to keep that backsplash looking great!