ADA compliant shower


The photo above shows a bath remodel we did in 2011 to make it handicapped accessible. We installed tile in the shower and included a bench with a solid surface seat. Grab bars were installed and a hand-held shower wand accessible from the bench.

ADA compliant shower


This photo shows another handicapped accessible shower we installed in a bathroom remodel for an elderly couple who preferred to remain in their home.

These photos show that making an accessible, safe bathroom can be beautiful and stylish.

National bath safety month calls for prentative safety measures, as noted on the website  Some of the recommended measures are:

Set the hot water temperature lower than 115 degrees.

Keep all cleaning supplies out of reach of children or locked in cabinets.

Keep all medications out of reach or locked where children cannot access them.

Bathroom surface that could get wet (pretty much all of the bathroom floor and shower/tub) should have non-skid surfaces or mats.

Never leave young children unattended in bath or shower.

Grab bars are necessary installations for elders who may have become unsteady on their feet, and for children.

Shower seats are important to help avoid slips and falls. The folding type is a good option that can be folded up and provide more room in the shower for those who do not need it.