Well, maybe not all, but mostly! No one wants a glitzy appearing home remodel, only to find out that on close inspection, cabinets don’t open and close properly, or floor tile wasn’t sealed well, or . . . you get the picture.

You want your home to look great, and when you look up close, everything needs to be done with an eye to the details. Giving attention to details includes more than having good quality materials and products installed, it means careful planning, a well-thought out list of what needs to be done and what you would like to have done.

There’s no point in having a kitchen remodel if the floor is sagging due to foundation issues or rotting floor joists.

Be sure to pick a contractor who is well-recommended, licensed, and that you communicate well with. You can start by asking friends who have had renovation work done, and then check with your local BIAW and NAHB organizations, as well as your state licensing website.