This Thursday, April 22, home remodeling companies working in pre-1978 homes are required by the EPA to be certified in lead-safe work practices. 

Many homes built prior to 1978 were painted with lead-containing paint.  You may think this is not a problem since the walls have undoubtedly been repainted since then, but when a carpenter tears out a portion of a wall with lead based paint on the bottom paint layer, a lot of dust is created and that dust will contain lead particles.  The dust could then be breathed in by anyone in the home if it is not contained properly, or it may fall as a fine layer of dust on any surface.  This dust will be cleaned up at some point and may end up in your vacuum cleaner, or as dust adhering to the walls, or be deposited in your carpet.

At some point the hazardous dust will get into your living space and if there are children or pregnant women living or frequently visiting, it can have harmful effects.  That is why the EPA has required that all home renovators be certified in safe methods of work and cleanup, ensuring that the residents are not affected by lead containing dust.

Rose Construction, Inc. desires to provide the best remodeling for our clients and to do so safely, our master carpenters and our company have been certified to perform this work according to EPA designed procedures.   The following link takes you to the EPA’s brochure that home remodelers are expected to provide to homeowners of pre-1978 homes, explaining the dangers and what to do to remodel your home safely.