After photo of 2nd floor additionMost people can find at least one thing in their homes they’d like to change. Here is a list of 8 things most homeowners wish their homes had:


  1. More energy efficiency
  2. Repairs of some kind, such as painting, new flooring.
  3. Remodeled kitchen
  4. Remodeled bath, or a second bath (or third!)
  5. Accessibility – modifications to make the home safer and more accessible for persons of all ages and abilities.
  6. More storage space, and more organized storage.
  7. Finished basement, to make the space more usable.
  8. Finished attics to add a bedroom or additional half-bath.
  9. Oops, here’s number 9; more space! Those with growing families could really use an addition.

What do you think would make your house better?

bellingham kitchen remodel

Is it on the list? Whatever your needs, we can improve your home for you!