Tile can be installed in many places in the home, everywhere from the bath, the kitchen, to floors throughout the home.

Because tile comes in many sizes, colors and patterns, it may just be the most versatile material you can incorporate in your home.

Advantages of tile flooring are durability, low maintenance, and water resistant. Many homes have tile entries for just these reasons. Much easier to clean those muddy footprints, and no worries about wearing out that tile!

entry floor tile

Bathrooms are well-known as a popular place for tile; on the floor, on the wall, especially behind the sink, and in the shower. You can have lots of fun with tile patterns and colors in the master bath, and with proper installation by an experienced contractor, the walls and floors will be protected from all that moisture that bathrooms are notorious for!

Kitchens benefit from tile for the backsplash, and some homeowners opt to have the tile installed on the walls wherever there are no cabinets, to expand the pattern to the ceiling. kitchen wall tile

Tile on the kitchen floor may be desirable, but since one will drop items occasionally, it might make better sense to install a more resilient material.

Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure tile will be a beautiful element in many places in your home!