Start with the lav faucet

Start with the lav faucet – there is a set of tub faucets to match as well as accessories

Maybe too many of us are “the glass is half-empty” types; in any case, there is a lot of information out there on how difficult it is to deal with a bath or kitchen remodel; DIY or hiring professionals, both have their pitfalls.

Bath fixtures match lav sink at bottom

But remodeling your bathroom can be fun! Yes, really. Yes, you need to be organized, stay within your budget, do your homework, etc, etc. OK, now that’s out-of-the-way, listen, here is how to do it the fun way:

  1. Start a folder of pictures you like. Before you shop, spend time looking through home magazines or websites like Tear or print out the pictures of the bathrooms you love. Soon, you will have a style you always gravitate to. Go with it. This is an excellent tool to help your sales person know what you like and guide you to products in your style and budget.
  2. Have a starting point. Is there one thing that you have found that yu love? Maybe a bronze decorative wall tile, or a really sleek stainless steel faucet, or even a cobalt blue glass vessel bowl. Find the thing that makes you say “ooooo-aaah”. That will be your starting point.
  3. Begin your faucet selections with the lavatory. Whether you are using an undermount lavatory bowl, a vessel or bowl with existing faucet holes, you will want to begin your faucet selection with the right lavatory faucets for your bow. By focusing on the lav faucet, you have narrowed the project down to one item. Your faucet will have a set of matching tub and shower faucets as well as accessories. Simple, no?

By following these three steps, you can turn a potentially stressful and confusing process into a much simpler one! In this case, simpler is more fun.

lave faucet - you use this more than any other fixture in the bathroom

Lav faucet – start here