Sometimes new is better . . . like a newly tiled, glass framed shower; some things just wear out and cannot be properly cleaned anymore.

But how about an entire house? An older home can have any number of needed structural elements replaced.

There are some old things that some of us miss. An older home can have character; ┬árepairing and replacing worn-out, rotted or damaged foundations, walls and trusses will restore your older home to it’s original glory – you can even make it better than it was when first built!

Here is something from the past that you have to be over 60 to appreciate; Burma-Shave signs on the side of the nations highways. Here is a sample:

  • The monkey took
  • One look at Jim
  • And threw the peanuts
  • Back at him
  • He needed
  • Burma-Shave

These signs were all over the place from 1927 to 1963. Entertained a few kids stuck in the back of the car on long summer road trips!

Don’t give up on an old house that needs repairs – electrical circuits can be updated (and should be for safety); plumbing can be replaced; and you will love your new kitchen with sparkling countertops, stainless steel appliances, and new flooring!