There are a number of wonderful blogs and websites out there to find inspiration for remodel. I came across two posts today that I thought our readers may enjoy.

The first post, at Curbly, a DIY community, is called Bright, Cheery Glam Details to Make your Kitchen Pop. I wanted to share this because of all the little details they used that made a real difference. If you like the look of glass front cabinets but don’t like the idea of having to always keep your cabinets organized, you can always try mirrors instead. I’ve never seen it in person but it looks wonderful in the photographs. It really looks much better than it sounds! My favorite aspect of this kitchen is the paint color. Yellow walls with white cabinets help a space pop and really help create a cheerful space. Who know, perhaps it’ll be so cheery you may no longer need your morning coffee!

Though I referenced the Curbly post above, the original post is from Cococozy. A few days ago she posted a beautiful dining room featuring an intricate wood floor and a lot of white: white walls, white ceiling, white windows and white fireplace. Interested? Check out Dining Right in White.

There are many, many sites out there to find inspiration. What are your favorite inspirational sites?