Efficient, small spice rack for small kitchenIf you can reorganize and equip your kitchen for it’s maximum utility, you may not need to expand the square footage. You can start by having the shelves replaced with cabinet height pullout drawers only 8 inches wide, which can contain your canned goods and other small items.  Have the most efficient kinds of cabinets and pull-outs for your style of cooking. Run the cabinets all the way to the ceiling, and reduce the amount of pots, pans and dishware, to fit into the space available for it.

Bring in natural light without adding windows.  Let’s face it, cutting a hole in the wall for a larger window is expensive.  Another solution is to have a “light tube” installed, in a dark hall or kitchen. These fit between roof rafters and funnel sunlight down into the living space.

Removing a wall will allow more light into the kitchen, and while the kitchen may remain small, visually it will feel as big as the rooms it opens up to.Open kitchen for easy access

Light colors have a similar effect, keeping the space bright and airy feeling. We can do the work for you, along with layout of cabinets. Let us know what you are looking for, and we can do that!