Kitchens can always use more storage or more convenient, usable storage. Updating your kitchen should include adding pull outs to maximise availability of storage, and accessibility. Some kitchens actually have a lot of storage space, but it is difficult to access, due to deep and dark cabinets. It is difficult to get down on ones’ knees to peer into that deep recess and search out just the right item!

You can have pull outs built into those lower cabinets, and lights can be installed as well. Some homeowners have had taller, narrow pull outs built, to make the best use of awkward spaces at ends of cabinets. These are great for storing canned goods, or spices if the space is very narrow. Custom Pull Out Cabinets, Kitchen Remodel in Bellingham

We have helped clients in Whatcom County improve the useability of their kitchen storage area with such cabinet options.