Do you hate to use your powder room because it is so small and feels claustrophobic? Your guests will not doubt feel the same; so here are some ideas on what to do to fix that!

  1. Small bathrooms call for smaller fixtures. Instead of overwhelming your bathroom with a large sink and bulky vanity, choose a smaller, vintage inspired sink. Wall mount, or pedestal sinks work great in small bathrooms.
  2. Bold, bright colors can really make that little powder room. No need to try to pretend it’s not really there – make it stand out with bright tile, good lighting and a mirror.
  3. Here’s another idea; in a tiny powder room, medium and large wallpaper patterns work well.
  4. An accent wall in a striking color can add interest to an otherwise neutral space.
  5. Patterns look great in small bathrooms. Try a patterned floor and see how the small square footage works in your favor.
  6. Another idea is to have a door installed with frosted glass; it lets more light in and will feel more open.

Whatever your needs we are happy to help you turn that dark little powder room into a beautiful space your guests will enjoy using!