Bathrooms do not age gracefully. It’s all that moisture! And for some reason the tile colors and styles we loved 10 years ago are just, well, annoying to us now.

Since bathrooms have a lot of plumbing fixtures (and all those pipes in the wall and floor), and they have a significant amount of electrical outlets and lights, for such a small room . . . well, it’s a very good idea to hire professionals to do the work. You want it done right the first time, no repeats!

engineered stone countertop, half wall for toilet

To save on costs, if at all possible, you should try to keep the same location for toilet, sink and shower or tub. If you really need to change those around, go ahead, but realize that it will up the cost, due to the pipe relocating required.

So, improve that bathroom with new fixtures, new tile and updated lighting fixtures! A new color scheme will do wonders for your mood, and pulling out old plumbing fixtures will mean no stained grout or mildew that can hide in hard to reach places.

Be sure to have some grab bars installed in locations either of your choosing, or recommended by your contractor. Safety first! Statistics indicate that a lot of accidents happen in the bathroom, don’t let it be your family.