What makes every home unique are the details each homeowner includes in their home. Even something relatively minor, like kitchen cabinet hardware (hinges, knobs, pulls) and interior and entry door hardware can make a statement.

Do you prefer stylish, modern doorknobs, or do you love the look of antiqued brass, crystal, porcelain or colored-glass, such as was popular in the 30’s or 40’s? Modern remakes of these will add a distinctive look.

What about flooring in the master bath? The tile you select will say a lot about you! The small, octagonal black and white floor tiles of yesteryear can make a bold statement about classic, timeless style. Modern, large format tiles will create a modern “clean lines” feel to a rooms flooring.

The popularity of wood or wood-look porcelain tiles tell the visitor that the homeowner appreciates value and quality products, and, well, they look great.