Every family has different needs for those bathroom spaces! Couples, families with kids, and retirees, all have unique requirements.

An older home may just need that bath remodel due to age. We all know what happens to showers, sinks, toilets and flooring over time.

So the first thing that you should consider is hiring a professional. Bathroom walls and floors are full of pipes and electrical wiring. Do you really want to dive into that yourself? Not to mention that there can be damage done by previous water leakage. Yuck!

A skilled contractor or designer will be able to guide you on the best materials to choose for your new bathroom, and to get it installed properly.

Of course you need a budget firmly in mind, and be sure to not max out your budget in your initial plans. Due to not knowing what may be encountered when flooring or shower tile is removed, a contingency fund should be a part of the budget.

We are here to make your dream bathroom happen! Let us know when you are ready.