wood corbel

Corbels! With the popularity of eating spaces in the kitchen, an overhanging countertop bar has become commonplace. Have you wondered how they are built so that they “stay up” and do not break or crack when your teenager decides it’s a tall chair, or a family member plops a heavy box of books on it?

As a construction company, we know that countertop overhangs need to be built sturdy; elements in the home are not always used in the way they are intended! There are several ways this can be done. Corbels come in several materials; woods and metals, with wood being the most commonly requested in our area.

However, to provide the most knee clearance under counter, steel elbow brackets are an excellent solution, providing strength with very little obtrusion under the countertop.

Wood corbels can be purchased in an amazing array of styles, from sleek modern to heavily ornate, carved antique styles. You can be sure there is one already in the style you are looking for.

A couple of online resources are Architectural Depot and Hollingsworth Cabinetry.

Ornate wood corbel