rectangular bath sink, bath faucet

Bathrooms “wear out”, in that they are prone to moisture damage and the wear and tear of high use. Finishes corrode and tiles and flooring may become chipped.

In addition to usage, they seem to become outdated sooner than other spaces in the home. This may be due to their small size. The walls, flooring and fixtures will have a large impact, due to everything being so close, no matter where you stand in the room.

Bathrooms thus become one of the most frequently remodeled rooms. If you aim for longevity in your upgrades, consider using water-proof, sturdy materials, and warm, relaxing colors. In Bellingham, we find clients often prefer creamy off-whites, gentle grays, and white tones.

After photo - Bath remodel featuring white tiles on walls and floor; glass shower walls, heated towel rack, Bellingham, WA

Much can be done to add interest with patterned tiles and sculptured faucets and hardware.

What would make your master bath perfect?