Compact bellingham kitchen remodel

We get many calls to remodel small kitchens; they may be in condos, older homes, or for some reason the original home layout only allowed a small footprint for the kitchen. While some may bemoan this situation, another way to look at it, is fewer steps to reach every part of the kitchen!

A well-laid out system of cabinets, sink and appliances will make you appreciate your small kitchen. With our many years of experience we can make that happen for you!

Bright colors (such as white) make the room feel larger, and custom made cabinets will ensure that all of YOUR kitchen ware will have a place to reside that is just right for your cooking style.

A small kitchen means that you can splurge on more luxurious countertop materials, since there remodeled kitchen, new cabinets, countertopwill be less of it, and cabinets too can have more “hidden” pull-outs, fitted spice storage, and be designed to make the most of every inch of space, unlike stock cabinets, which may have gaps, since they were not built specifically for your kitchen!

Lots of light helps; you don’t want a small, dark kitchen! So, task lighting, ambient lighting, and natural light are all important. Sun tunnels are a wonderful option for small spaces; they bring in an amazing amount of light for their small size.

So, if you have a small kitchen, and it is getting you down, give us a call, and find out what we can do for you!