Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the most important factor in renovating or creating new space is to determine how the space will be used. Ask yourself, how often do you prepare meals, entertain and host family celebrations? (Yes, the pandemic will be over one day . . . ).

Is it possible to expand the look and feel of a smaller kitchen without actually increasing the size of the footprint? Yes, and here are some ideas you may want to consider:

  1. You can specify smaller and thinner appliances, which will create additional countertop and cabinet space. Select a 18 inch wide model instead of the standard 24 inch width. Think about it; do you actually fill the dishwasher each time you use it? Or perhaps you could run it more often.
  2. How about that 36 inch wide refrigerator. Perhaps a thinner model will do just as well. Instead of the 36 inch monster, select a 30 inch or even 28 inch wide model. Think of all the additional counter space!
  3. Lifestyle choice also will influence the sink you select. Double sinks are standard, but a single bowl only requires 24 inch from your counter top. That allows for an addition 12 inches of cabinet!
  4. Colors matter, in making the kitchen feel bigger. White or lighter shades will provide a more open feel to that smaller space. Increasing the amount of light contributes to a more spacious feel as well. Increase/ improve the lighting! You can also select glass door cabinets to showcase your crystal, china or other items that have special meaning for you and your family, while opening up the space as well.

There are more ideas to help in improving the space and the feel of that small kitchen.  Don’t feel that you are boxed into an addition on your home to get a bigger kitchen!small, cute, airy kitchen