Freestanding tubs remind us of an era of more graceful furnishings. Whether sleek and sculptural or ornate and traditional, freestanding tubs always remind us of the original claw-foot soaking tubs.

Minimalist design has it’s adherents in modern bathroom design. The move to simplicity emphasizes clean lines and geometric furnishings. No fussy moldings or printed wall paper here!

Open, curbless showers are a symbol of luxury, not to mention that that they work great for mobility impaired! Include a built-in bench, shower niche (or two), make it an oversized shower, and you have the perfect modern showering experience.

Furniture-like vanities that stand on their own four feet make a bath feel more homey and luxurious. They show off the flooring, so you can get more out of your favorite flooring material.

We would be happy to help you turn your bath into your dream bath!

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